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“I’ve already done it mate.” I get sick of hearing it! Every time I have a suggestion to attack things in a different way, Evan is always one step ahead. He’s the man and I’ve long been recommending him and Heapsaflash to everyone I know in music.”

Stavros Yiannoukas


Evan Alexander is a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and his focus with media is second to none. I would gladly recommend Evan to anybody looking for quality promotion for their artists.

Simon Cahill

“As I unfold my new project with my band The Captains, Heapsaflash have been an awesome and integral part of the publicity team. They obviously have a deep passion for music and have worked really hard to help get our music and gig info out to our audiences. I highly recommend them to musos and record companies who need assistance completing their publicity campaigns and want to work with a motivated team!”

Katie Noonan